Good Things

by Half Past Four

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Autumn night Hold your breath Pull your sweater closer Listen carefully You went out For a bit of air But now stop and shiver Listen carefully Two houses down Beyond the walls and insulation There is a tiny sound A voice singing alone a bit off key a song you don’t recognize not loud enough to hear properly it strikes you as odd It strikes you oddly Peeping tom Shouldn’t be here A bit embarrassed No reason to be Harmonies through the trees Background vox to the tick of the clocks It strikes you It strikes you…oddly
Good Things 06:26
They tell me good things will come So I wait patiently But is it considered waiting when I’m running? Grabbing what I desire Looking for a sign ahead Blinded by the sun and wind Inside I am waiting Casting spells, making calls Throwing runes won’t work at all Smoke signals, shooting flares The universe has no comment Nothing is a thing that has to be done So in non existent time We wait for elusive Godot All things come to those who wait, I say these words to make me glad, But something answers soft and sad, 'They come, but often come too late.' We don’t talk about it. We only think about it. Words wouldn’t make any sense to say. We wait for something new A signal out of blue Dancing in the fire To reveal in ashes, meaning Blaming our integrity He’s coming soon so look busy We wait for the wall to paint itself And bring tidings of all good things..
Walk me through the twilight hour Smell of woods and fire lit fire flies We will walk just like we did and We will talk all night about it All Day and All night We’ll laugh and fight All day and all night Now and forever And if we get tired we’ll sit down at the feet of a stone statue Posing very carefully they’ll find us in a thousand years Brushing dust up off our shoulders we’ll become examples for them They will sense that we are here They’ll walk together like we once did Where’s the doorway to my life Our domain where we belonged Feel my feet upon the earth Fill my ears up with your song I reach to you my hand goes through Will I ever touch again Time’s illusion fades away And I can’t remember when I wasn’t walking here with you Reminiscing all these years We will show the ones who live How a conversation goes Talk me through the morning sunrise Empty streets and vacant archways No one hears our footsteps As we finish what the other one says
Rise 05:58
Measure by measure The dream begins Perfect mother nature’s Multitude of sins Washing hands They must be clean Bringing out the things I need Pinches of this and that Chemistry biology and agriculture Stirring up the mixture Up to elbows like white gloves Apron unrecognizable Too soiled to wipe the hands on Pictures make it look so good Show it to the neighbourhood Good things come to those who wait Glass of wine don’t hesitate Sitting in the silence Picturing the outcome Filling in the spaces Where you will soon appear Feeling movement from within Buying things to put you in Preparation will be wise Turn the tiny light on watch you rise Turn the tiny light on Watch you rise… Eve cracks and peers out Passed from one half to another Releasing from its cozy shell Into the waiting arms of mother Warm aroma gathering perfectly baked welcoming Hey mom Adam’s home!!
Landmines 04:45
It was early on a Monday I felt like eating like a queen So I put on fancy stockings And began to dance and dream I would rather slit my throat Than have worked another day So instead I filled my throat With a lunch of bird of prey Prancing past the factory With a feather in my cap when I sat down at the sea A golden coin fell in my lap A dark and handsome man Offered to hold my hand I ran until my shoes wore out Into the hinterland And then I looked at At once I noticed Somehow detected The land mines All the worried faces All the angry wisdom All the judging words that Echoed in my head “You have no right to be here What makes you so happy? You couldn’t be happy Or you’d be alone!” I would rather slit my throat Than have hurt another day So instead I filled my head With a charming red bouquet All the little posies Shining in the sun Slowly plucked away by The words of everyone Land mines… I would rather slit my throat Than become a bird of prey Wincing as the blade comes down One more thing that cannot stay Your misery needs company….
Cool Water 05:24
My reflection Seeing past the shimmer I feel the coolness in a soundless place Stones and rocks down under The placid surface Cool water in my mind Cool water in my mind Cool water rinse me clean Saturating, filling empty spaces Tasting the droplets on my fingertips I laughed into a glass I heard it in me Splashed into the sea I heard the mermaids sing Inhale so deeply My lips touch the placid moist Next to nothing Wanting to drown in dew Draw the liquid inside My lips my lungs My eyes close to darkness And I hear the slow beating of my heart
The bottle on the pavement Lays alone in the lot As if it’s only waiting For a kissing game to start Big anticipation there Whispered secrets in the air Wind inertia savoir faire On a mission truth or dare Little bottle on the street Laying shyly at my feet Spin around and spin around On your little spot of ground It points in no direction That’s of consequence at all It wants to make you take a chance It wants to make you fall Two minutes in the dark Five minutes in the park Shotgun me at half past four Turn around and spin some more What’s the real difference Between bottle and girl When either spins around if You give it a twirl Vessel for a soda pop Pointing pointing stoppy stop Little girl with lollipop Open mouth and open top Bottle is cast off with shame And no one will play the game Boys and girls will find another thing to take the blame I lay alone on the ground in the park As if I’m only waiting for a kissing game to start
Fate 04:15
Fate Once upon a time Fairy tales are told Blissfully sublime Return unopened - no no Glass houses hurt the blind Truth always stings When you hide your head Sandy torsos blanket the beach Sugar speeds up your heart Pushes you into high gear Crashes your car Pacified into a feeding state Look down at your self Treading the wheel Talking to my plate Knowledge served with cutlery Cutting up the meat Making the meal seem like its easier to eat Fate Artists paint the voice Fingers tend to bleed When the brush is cut from them Hands and feet shake Sugar speeds up your heart Pushes you into high gear Crashes your car Inspiration drains through the veins into the earth Mother’s milk poured down the sink a pointless loss of worth Fate An artist’s plight To let them see your light You must set yourself on fire And never fear the death
I am Lion 06:34
Stand before me Loyal minion Rock in a rain storm I roar into your eyes But it doesn’t touch you I, large and lionine You see it differently To you I am the rock To you I am the rock– a sunny spot on which to luncheon Others are wide eyed You dare to tame her? You must be from the zoo! I did not feel the yoke I smiled but I was the joke Chains off, you set me free Straight into captivity Others are wide eyed You dare to tame her? You must be from the zoo! I rage and I roar I strain at the ropes but you see right through but you see right through me I do not scare you! my golden mane carnivorous glare Sharp razor fangs My powerful legs I am LION.
Wolf 03:08
Once upon a time there was a big wolf Who liked to read in bed His wife was the greatest hunter in the land And she kept him fed While he read trashy fiction To ease the pain of ignoring the kitchen They lived in a house of made out of straw and sticks As the pigs kept all the bricks A fireplace was consequently banned inside And he craved the joy of devouring fine literature While longingly gazing at a picture of her The day finally arrived when she came back Her arms were empty to his dismay With round eyes he asked her what happened She explained “I can’t take all this needless killing While I was away I became a strict vegan” She prepared a strange meal made with soy curd He choked it down in silence He lied and said it was tasty but he felt absurd She knew convincing him wouldn’t be very hard Underneath his plate was a library card. The Wolf stayed…
He floated on the still life pond White feet swishing light and fast Primping in the water mirror Bouncing off the placid glass I am the king of all the meadows Duke of trees and hills and vales Sky and sea reflect my splendor All life flocks to hear my tales Swimming underneath the water Was a darkness strong and sound Knowing that the light was up there Knowing it would take him down Head held high the light was boasting Confident inside his head Darkness was unknown to all But darkness knew it must be fed Schools of fish all spoke about it Whispering among the gills Coming soon is revolution Coming soon a clash of wills Suddenly the sky errupted Turning water into wine Light was bursting on the mountains When the wave hit through his spine Shards of glass went on forever Blasting into eyes and skin Colours vanished into nothing Darkness hid all truth and sin Now the lake is ruled by time Clear as glass to look upon Dark took light all through the night But light killed dark at break of dawn
The Earth 05:26
Airless atmosphere My life is now here Conspiracy radio Friend or foe Conversations flow With the globe below Talking about our blue home beneath us What do they say? On the earth What do you hear? On the earth Where are you now? On the earth Where do you stand? On the earth Seraph on a cloud Saying words out loud Flying to face the face Skyward to the final place As I ascend to the firmament I turn to see the feral earth I complain to no one Taking my turn Like a good human I lower my head My voice is small I let it happen Let it happen…. Say goodbye to loved ones Hug the children Enter the cold steel Uncertain fate I surrender to Our canvas is fragile It makes sense all the while Gaining this perspective Sounds like rhetoric When my feet are on the ground How can we tell her we are failing? Disappointment will change the leaves Another season imitates the dying Her breath a smoky haze as she grieves


released April 13, 2013

Produced by Half Past Four
Mixed and Mastered by Mauro Giammarco
Cover Photography by Michael Ciurleo
Cookbook Illustrations by Polina Radchenko
Cover and Booklet layout by Aina Mukhomedshina

All songs are (c) (p) Half Past Four
Distributed by Paper Plane Music Inc.


all rights reserved



Half Past Four Toronto, Ontario

Half Past Four is one of the best progressive rock bands to have emerged from Canada. Over nearly two decades, they have developed a unique sound, employing traditional prog-rock music laiden with folk, country, jazz, heavy metal and classical genres, among others. ... more

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