Rabbit in the Vestibule

by Half Past Four

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We stand alone and no one knows And if they did they wouldn't care How hard it is to strike that pose Our kind is getting really rare Putting some strain onto your brain Try to remain sane All those who like to be opposed Although they think it isn't fair The remedy should be imposed So they won't suffer in despair (double dose!) Out of fashion disobeying fools Vanity rules Cozy stretcher and a pretty nurse Casting a curse Non-perceptive self-inflicted pain Is my best gain Trying hard failing to succeed Taking ahold over the world Going once Going twice SOLD!!!!
Johnny 02:53
Johnny dreamt of distant lands But how to get there he knew not He managed somehow while asleep But then awoke and just forgot But his sadness was minute to the songs of the magic flute He had a dream in black and white about someone else's wife and journey of uncertain destination She's put no effort into keeping obligation He was taken by surprise but never dared to lift his eyes The sky is clear From distant there to closest here You're taking off about to disappear So go ahead and fly away my dear
The flowers bow when I walk by the creatures pretend they are shy the sounds separate from the sounders and the notes attack from the sky and still the stillness exists somewhere between the fits. The little bouquets of cilia encompass the nerves like a filter and I hear the symphony begin the poisoned tune within. So the innocent puckers and laughter make a jolt like a lamb to the slaughter and I feel like the sugar man’s daughter people like him but think she’s a porker but do they live happily ever after, ever after, ever after? The sun melts the sky as I walk by the ground turns brown and the tough guys cry and all I can do is observe the pain explode from the nerve and still the stillness exists somewhere between the fits. Faces become a thought I once had as a little girl skips in the sun and a lush paradise, like a kite in the sky, will get snagged on a tree and wreck all the fun so little girl put in your earplugs and dance to the silence of heart pumping blood with no knowledge of the sad voices that call you might stand a chance of a life after all. Your feelings turn inward your peace is complete you won’t be vindictive or want to compete noise is a place in a thought you once had you can’t feel your grief you can’t tell if you’re sad. Ignorance is bliss is ignorance is bliss… Faces change as I walk by The ground seems low and the sky seems high I’ve stretched myself too thin to the poisoned tune within and still the music exists somewhere beneath the hiss, somewhere beneath the hiss, somewhere between the fits…
The sands of time are turning into snow The flocks are headed south And down there down south The drinks are on the house You're dancing all night long… and don't belong It's always autumn, even May The dogs are barking in the rain I'm just a stranger lurking on my own The bed is smirking, ceiling low The temperate is way below Your vacant eyes have lost their glow I write you letters while asleep The train of thought is hard to keep The fare you bargained turned out counterfeit And down there down south Where all this nonsense doesn't count It keeps shifting with the flow It's time to go
Twelve little words I say to you So I’ll keep down the bitter pill Medicine to improve the weather Pouring down on the space you fill It’s – it’s not that easy or that wise To laugh as though pain won’t hurt you Won’t hurt you Won’t hurt you Won’t hurt.. Make it all up the way you can Spill the overfill to make room End up in dregs you’re laying down in Looking up from the dark bottom Twelve, Twelve simple words I will convey Twelve words that could change everything I wake up I wake up Eyes open
Underwater 04:50
A shadow crosses the Milky Way The stars are conspiring corruption The galaxy parts unforgivingly Not used to this interruption Amoebas spin in centrifugal force That makes the light dark and the dark light of course Paramecium dance with the tetras And blood pumps past my corneas. Oh, the universe unveiled in a colour impossible Painting the sky spelling words that aren't shown Light is the vehicle shifting, changing Like the big guy himself whispers once and is gone.. Inside closed eyes… Inside closed eyes.. A shocking splash assaults my skin The surface shatters again and again The sound grows dim and fades like flame The O2 looks just like it's name A voice in the air so pure and clear Takes on a different hue down here Descending deeper into blue I don't hear me, I don't hear you Oh an entire new world blankets me in it's jello mould Breath that is held for the lack of a gill Currents that lap at my bones like leviathan And the cold tears erupt as if I'd lost my will Submerged inside Torn asunder Underwater
Lullaby 04:20
Morning comes and lifts me from my sleep My eyes open to reality I saw a vision in a vivid dream And suddenly my life made sense to me And I'm feeling nothing now I want to go back where it's warm I close my eyes again to drift back into the strangest dream The motivation when the day's begun A frantic week'ss gone by and nothing's done I'm feeling guilty when I'm having fun And I can't rely on anyone And I'm feeling nothing now I want to go back where it's warm I close my eyes again to sail back into the strangest dream Strangest dream, inside an ocean In my mind, I paint a picture Strangest dream, courageous journeys wait there I think about a man out there for me But his name is opportunity And he never seems to notice me I feel like a wave in a rage of sea And I'm feeling nothing now I want to go back where it's warm I close my eyes again to fall back into the strangest dream Back into the strangest dream I know that patience is a virtue But I feel like my whole life I've been waiting aahhh….aaahhh… And I'm feeling nothing now I want to go back where it's warm I close my eyes again to run back into the strangest dream Strangest dream, inside an ocean In my mind I paint a picture Strangest dream, courageous journeys wait there Pent up inside me Strangest dream…. Strangest dream….
Biel 08:14
She stood against the suffocating wind And contemplated what it felt like to fall She was aware of every bone and nerve She realized a change was bound to come to her She woke up to the voice inside her head Calling so sweetly that she knew it was real It said it's time to speak up to the world A magic power that makes you able to heal Stones they fell and lightning struck And rock turned into crumbling dust The world she knew and the clothes she wore And the thoughts that coursed through her trembling mind Vacated as she stood over the world that she knew The clouds then opened and Biel's light slanted towards her. Her gold mane glistened in the milky light She was a painted doll and handsome steed She raced Biel around the crimson night She was the leader of a billion mouths to feed. Hands outstretched and the camera lights As the word spread wide and her mother said "Don't say anything, don't tell anyone" In hushed tones, her will she plead So she hid away and kept very still But how can she keep it a secret When she has the power to heal? She the one with the brand new answer As she sees all the followers kneel She wished it was all just a show But she know what she knows That they'll reap what they've sown No longer a mere mortal She belongs to BIEL They clung to the old god while everything changed They didn't watch earth as it rearranged Your life is based on constant growth and birth Why shouldn't your god reflect nature on earth? There's no one by that name here anymore You could say the holy database is not to date. Now the new God is ready to be heard We'll debut the new ONE after this word… No one curses to the sky Every swear word is gone away No one prays to anyone, not Buddha, not Yahweh She hears the earth excrete a mighty yell Just one word BIEL BIEL Not heaven and not hell BIEL BIEL Not a savior not a spell BIEL! Without a sound she took a mighty breath and saw that all there was left for her was death without a word she smiled and touched Biel and then she found out what it felt like when she FELL..... And the earth rests And there is no war No one speaks here anymore… No one fights here anymore.. No one lives here anymore… Nothing left to buy or sell In the name of BIEL….
Dwayne 04:54
Cockpit over the chesterfield It landed on the pane The paper bulkhead’s nose got bent And frustrated Dwayne So then unfolded, straightened flat It ‘glid’ across the room And perfect mathematics made it touch down by the broom Ah, the glow of great success The heat upon the cheek And proudly that this paper plane Was made expressly by Dwayne, he Picked it up, straightened it out Picked it up, straightened it out Picked it up, straightened it out and pushed it forth again Nobody had ever seen (ever seen, ever seen) Nobody had ever seen a flight like that Nobody had ever seen (ever seen, ever seen) Nobody had ever seen a flight like that Straight as a line From A to B The passengers The scenery! Cockpit over the chesterfield It landed on the chair And before Dwayne could get to it The dog found it up there…. Neighbour in the window Red construction foolscap Yellow star upon the tail wing Shot its load into the cockpit And Dwayne’s plane fell down in flames Girl next door named Marsha Father owns a Business Depot Slammed the window on her fingers No one messes with the plane!! Cockpit over the chesterfield The plane flew strong and proud It soared out past the neighbour’s house And flew into a cloud….
Salome 02:45
Bamboo 02:41
You hear the sound Of an iron door It is Bamboo The mighty pepper! He came along And stayed the night He told us tales of what happened out where The strangers walk in a straight line Though they feel fine – they are so careful when they drink their wine! He went there often And when he came home He unwound with a lake of liquor And although he wears a mask Of some imagined bravery He brags about the foes he's fought His head is big, his brain is NOT!! You hear the sound Of a thunderbolt It is Bamboo The mighty pepper! His lights are dim His muscles big He is a man but he acts like a pig Inside his head He hears ideas Like throwing punches Results in seeing onomotopoeias The women love him – so he imagines And so he drinks so he'll keep dreaming And although he wears a cape And his spandex rides too high The crowd can't help but stare in awe As he soars up in the SKY!!!!
Rabbit 06:10
Wishes floating to the ground Coming down to find the soil Rabbit holes to wonderland All embracing mortal coil Seedling wishes in the air Faing to the stoney ground Chances Blowing by your hand Never championed by the hare We slouch in corners Apart from the crowds Taking turns together Planning the taking over Kill the rabbit Kill the rabbit...... Conversation afterglow Basking in the undertow Now I sit with you again Reunited with my friend


A few years ago, we couldn't believe it ourselves, but rest assured, it's here!

HalfPastFour has finally made it with their much anticipated debut album. It is called Rabbit in the Vestibule and is currently blowing minds of rock listeners far and large.


released October 25, 2008

Constantin Necrasov - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Bass and Vocals
Dmitry Lesov - Bass guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Igor Kurtzman - Keyboards and Sound Effects
Kyree Vibrant - Lead Vocals

Special Guest Performers:
Art Pisanski: Drums and Percussion
Ashot Grigorian: Saxophone
Sahra Featherstone: Tine Whistle and Violin
The Burlington Seniors Four Part Harmony Choir: Vocal Chorus in "Biel"
Dylan Goodhue: Background vocals in "Biel"

Mixed and Mastered by Jono Grant
Produced by Half Past Four


all rights reserved



Half Past Four Toronto, Ontario

Half Past Four is one of the best progressive rock bands to have emerged from Canada. Over nearly two decades, they have developed a unique sound, employing traditional prog-rock music laiden with folk, country, jazz, heavy metal and classical genres, among others. ... more

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