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Land of the Blind

by Half Past Four

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Mathematics 05:33
Mathematics It’s all mathematics Practicing bad habits Poorly made decisions Buried alive deep in the ground Swept underneath and tightly bound Volatile if found History repeating Fractals repeat effortlessly Stick the spade in gently Pull up the weeds Make room for more seeds. Formulaic movement Calculate the method Maybe different this time Early to bed, early to rise Early to work, early demise You want to teach by example But you’ve never had control You know this leads to misery Lying won’t make it go away In a state of convalescing wellness Hoping truth won’t take its toll Changing your ways for ways you’ll keep Help yourself before the truth finds you Tell the truth tell the truth to you Its all mathematics (This is no way to live) Practicing bad habits (We need to alter this formula) Quantify the outcomes Sometimes lose it all Sometimes you won’t fall
Mood Elevator I’m stepping into my mood elevator Just press the button Just press the button I’m lounging around in my mood elevator Going up going down feeling something feeling nothin Others get aboard my mood elevator They can make it rise and they can make it fall And one has a dog that will pee in the corner It’s not allowed on this lift anymore No crowds allowed on my mood elevator My mood will come down if it gets too heavy When my mood gets stuck between floors I don’t know where I am anymore Gotta press the red button and then wait for someone To pry me out of my broken mood elevator When I get out I leave my mood elevator I exit the building and go to the park I watch the children run and sing Then I get on my big mood swing
One Eyed Man 04:38
One Eyed Man Many many years ago there was a one eyed man He sat upon a golden throne And ruled a sightless land His crowning lacked sagacity He wasn’t aristocracy They crowned him just cause he could see He was a one eyed man He was a careless guy He had no depth of field He guarded his one eye With all that he could wield He made a lot of silly rules And rode upon a pack of mules While showing off his family jewels And no one knew at all One day his kingdom was attacked By monsters in the night They honed in on his lonely eye And robbed him of his sight He ran into the streets and cried “come everyone with me and hide!” He led them off a cliff and died Farewell to the one eyed man
Mirror Eyes 06:44
Mirror Eyes Mirror Eyes Full of sky See the highway Which I ride Mirror Eyes Take a ride In your mind The road is wide Experience the liquid wall Watch it all cascade and fall There’s nothing there There’s nothing there Nothing underneath it all Turn inward and breathe Cells asleep and they will dream Spin into the present for a while Jump up high a leap of faith Close your eyes and meditate Your third eye opens doors you never knew Tapestry Make believe Focus on The golden weave Mirror eyes No disguise Can’t look away From those mirror eyes Multiply the shape and size Fractals spiral in your eyes There’s nothing there There’s nothing there There’s nothing up above the clouds Science will coax the truth Telomeres will shorten youth Look into your microscope to see Spin around and close your eyes Write it down and theorize Ask the universe and it tells you Tapestry, make believe Reach out now Take what you need Memory, take a ride Can’t look away From those mirror eyes


released September 17, 2016

Kyree Vibrant - lead vocals
Dmitry Lesov - bass guitar, chapman stick, vocals
Igor Kurtzman - keyboards, vocals
Constantin Necrasov - guitars, vocals
Marcello Ciurleo - drums

Mauro Giammarco – engineering, mixing and mastering, vocals
Marie Cherniy - cover art
Tamila Rostmoff - graphic design
All songs by Half Past Four, except Toronto Tontos by Kim Mitchell and Pye Dubois.
© ℗ 2016 Half Past Four SOCAN, ASCAP.


all rights reserved



Half Past Four Toronto, Ontario

Half Past Four is one of the best progressive rock bands to have emerged from Canada. Over nearly two decades, they have developed a unique sound, employing traditional prog-rock music laiden with folk, country, jazz, heavy metal and classical genres, among others. ... more

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